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HR & Payroll

Efficient HR Solutions: Fulfilling Legal Obligations with Professional HR & Payroll Services

HR services need to be handled in accordance with the requirements of the labour legislation that are updated from time to time. Biz & Bird provides you with professional HR and payroll services to help you fulfill your legal obligations under the labour legislation. Biz & Bird can help you to formulate labor contracts for your employees, arrange employees' compensation insurance for your newly incorporated company, set up the company's MPF account, arrange monthly payroll calculation and payment, and make MPF contributions on time.

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Why Choose Biz & Bird's HR & Payroll Service?

Profound Knowledge

Proficient in HR & Payroll

In depth knowledge in HR & Payroll


Attentive to details to ensure your payroll to be accurate

Professional Payroll Accountant
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Understand Your Needs

Biz & Bird offers offer an individual and customized HR & payroll services that suit your business's needs

Caring Staff

What Are the Payroll Outsourcing Benefits?

1. HR and Administrative Cost Reduction

Biz & Bird offers an affordable package, and it may be more cost effective when comparing to maintaining a local in-house payroll team and a local payroll software. 

2. Strict Confidentiality

Payroll details of the management may not be allowed to disclose to all levels of HR.  Having payroll details managed separately and reporting to designated HR will definitely avoid any accidental access or termination disclosure. 

3. Focus on Your Core Business

By outsourcing a non-revenue-generating tasks, you can focus on fee-earning activities and more strategic compensation and HR functions 

4. Up-to-date Compliance

Biz & Bird alerts with the recent changes in legislation and aims to provide the payroll services in compliance with up-to-date labor law requirements.

Payroll Benefit

Do I Need to Take Out the Employee's Compensation Insurance Policy?

Employees' Compensation Insurence

Statutory Requirement

According to section 40 of the Employees' Compensation Ordinance, no employer shall employ any employee in any employment unless there is in force a policy of insurance to cover his liabilities under the laws for injuries at work in respect of all his employees, irrespective of the length of employment contract or working hours, full-time or part-time employment.

Consequences of Not Taking Out the Employee's Compensation Insurance Policy

If the employer fails to take out the Employee's Compensation Insurance Policy for its employees, it is illegal and the employer may be prosecuted and sentenced to a maximum fine of HK$100,000 and imprisonment for 2 years. Furthermore, the employer may also be required to pay a surcharge to the Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board.

Biz & Bird can help you to take out the Employee's Compensation Insurance Policy to comply with the requirement!

Payroll Service Plan

Most Popular Plan

HR Pro​

Monthly Payroll Services +

MPF Administration Services + Employer's Return Services

From HK$

Monthly Payroll Services

  • New joiners and leavers administration

  • Gross to net salary calculation

  • Final payment calculation in accordance with statutory requirements

  • Statutory average daily wage adjustment calculations as per Employment (Amendment) Ordinance

  • Statutory minimum wage calculation

  • Payment Processing: Bank file preparation and payroll remittance

  • Payslip distribution

MPF Administration Services

  • Calculating statutory and voluntary monthly MPF contributions

  • Acting as a pension administrator to manage pension matters with MPF trustees

  • Ensuring that contributions payments are made timely to avoid penalties

  • Submitting the monthly pensions statements

  • Employees' pensions enrollment and termination notification to the MPF trustee

Employer's Return Services

  • Annual Employer's Return of Remuneration and Pensions and Declaration (Form BIR56A and Form IR56B)

  • Other tax returns (Forms IR56M, IR56, IR56F and IR56G)

In view of the fact that each company has different number of employees and salary payment methods and the salary calculations and adjustments that need to be processed are also different, the fees will depend on the company's situation. After initial consultation and assessment, fees will be proposed based on the company's needs, requirements and services needed. Biz & Bird provides free consultation, assessment and quotation to help you better understand and compare our solutions.

Other HR & Payroll Services


Service Fee

Setting Up/Renewing

an Employees' Compensation Insurance


Preparing Employee's Handbook


Assisting in Preparation of Employment Contract


Rental Reimbursement:

Drafting & Administration of the Company's Policy


Working Visa Application


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