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What is Certified True Copy? Why you need it?

Certified true copies play a crucial role in business transactions by ensuring the authenticity and legitimacy of important documents. They help mitigate the risk of fraud and streamline the document verification process. In this article, we will explore the importance of certified true copies and their impact on business operations.

certified true copy

Key Takeaways

  • They are essential in situations where the original document cannot be easily accessed or is required for multiple purposes.

  • Certified true copies provide a reliable acceptable alternative to using the original document.

  • They mitigate the risk of fraud by providing a verified copy of the original document.

What is a certified true copy?

A certified true copy is a copy of a document that has been certified by an authorized person or organization as being true and accurate to the original at the date of certification. It is often used as legal proof or evidence when the original document cannot be easily accessed or presented. Certified true copies are widely used for official bodies, international transactions, and legal purposes, providing proof of document authenticity.

When certifying a copy, it is important to clearly state that the document is a true copy of the original. The process involves including the appropriate certifier's signature and the date of certification.

Why do you Need to Certify Documents?

Certified documents serve the purpose of allowing a third party to verify the authenticity of official document copies, ensuring that no changes or amendments have been made that could potentially lead to a misinterpretation of the information provided.

Certification of documents holds significant importance across various domains, and it is commonly used for corporate bank account opening, due diligence, sale or purchase of land, mergers and acquisition, and other significant transactions.

The most common scenario to use Hong Kong Certified True Copies is during the process of opening a corporate account in any Hong Kong bank. It is obligatory for all document copies to undergo certification and bear the signature of a qualified professional. Moreover, business owners may also require Certified True Copies when applying for licenses or registering companies in other jurisdictions.

Typically, banks or authorities request the certified documents such as the Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate, identity documents of directors and members (e.g., passport, ID card, proof of residential address). In some cases, it may be necessary to notarize proof of business documents, such as sales contracts or bank statements.


Who Can Certify a True Copy in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, certified true copies of documents usually can be generally certified by a practicing company secretary, a notary public, solicitor, or a certified public accountant, subject to the requirements from the respective parties. These certifiers confirm that the copy corresponds with the original document. Identity and company documents often require certification for official purposes.

How long is a certified true copy valid for?

A certified true copy is typically valid for a specific period, usually three months to six months. However, the validity may vary depending on the country and the purpose for which it is being used. It is always best to check with the relevant authorities or institutions for specific requirements.

Can a certified true copy be used as a replacement for the original document?

No, a certified true copy is not a replacement for the original document. It is a verified reproduction that can be used in place of the original for specific purposes.

How Can Biz & Bird Help?

Many commercial activities require the use of certified true copies. Without the correct documentation, a company cannot operate and grow smoothly. If you want to find reputable and reliable company certification documents, Biz & Bird can help you.

Biz & Bird can help you certify all types of documents for all your business needs. For example, you can open a business bank account with a Biz & Bird certified copy.

If you are preparing to start a business or register a company in Hong Kong, but are not familiar with the relevant regulations, Biz & Bird can also help! We have experenice in serving customers from all over the world and are good at assisting overseas people with company registration.

For more information, please contact Biz & BIrd. We're ready to take the worry out of your business.



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